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Guardianship is a legal proceeding in which the court determines whether an individual is legally incapacitated and is therefore unable to make certain decisions on their own behalf. If the individual is declared incapacitated, the court will then appoint a guardian to exercise certain rights on behalf of the incapacitated person (known as the “ward”) to manage their money, property, and health care.

If a family member or loved one is unable to make these important decisions due to incompetency, illness, or age, the attorneys at Pycraft Law, LLC, can help the guardian through this court process. Our compassionate attorneys will make sure the guardian is clear about their legal responsibilities to the ward and to the court. By working with the guardian and other close family members, we can attempt to avoid potential disputes and help your family during this emotional and difficult time.

In most guardianship proceedings, the ward will also need a strong advocate on their side to ensure that the individual requesting to be appointing as a guardian truly has the best interests of the ward in mind. The attorneys at Pycraft Law, LLC, also represent wards in guardianship proceedings. Even if the court determines that the ward is incapacitated and needs a guardian, there may be certain rights the ward is still fully capable of exercising. If you or a loved one have been named as an alleged incapacitated person, you will need an attorney to make sure you or your loved one’s rights are protected and the guardian is complying with his/her legal responsibilities.